When you hear the word technology you often immediately think about robots or big machines. Today, technology can be very small, and sometimes almost unidentifiable. In March of 2020 when the world suddenly went into lockdown for Covid, technology as we knew it changed forever. And, it's a great thing that it did. Overnight every single company around the world was challenged to redefine the way they did business. With the elimination of workers in a single office or place of business, manufacturing plants had to work differently, insurance claims had to be processed differently and social distancing moved every fast food company and restaurant to create online delivery services overnight in order to stay in business. The advent of great challenge saw older technology resurface. Remember those QR codes we thought would never "take off" in business? Today they remain a relevant part of our communications. We have found ways to benefit from incredible new user experiences and ways to work. It's exciting to see that life could not only happens only on Zoom, but that your 90 year old grandma uses it like a pro. What new technologies are waiting in the wings to make life even better? Find out on LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden.