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Own Your Success - Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden: Season 1, Episode 7

[Music] thank you hey everyone we are back with another great episode of liftoff with Jeannie Weldon you are going to love today’s tips and guests we’re spilling the secrets on everything from how to look great in the new age of business casual and how to build your personal and professional brand to protecting your wealth and health and achieving holistic Wellness Wellness always sounds like a great place to start don’t you think our first guest Gabby Reese is the chief brand ambassador of Laird superfood podcast host of The Gabby re show author athlete and speaker Gabby has been able to take her nutrition expertise and help create delicious plant-based better for you food products that are accessible to all welcome to liftoff Gabby thank you thanks I I think we’re in a very uh liftoff green mood today so absolutely I love that we’re twinning Gabby tell us why you’re passionate about bringing clean functional foods to the masses and why layered SuperFood well the the thing with large superfood is it was a sort of a real accident my husband Laird Hamilton is a surfer he’s an athlete and he’s he’s always looking for ways to you know either improve performance or nutrition or things like that so he was using coffee for years um to put good things in it for longer Performance used to share it with friends and sort of Accidentally In 2015 Laird’s superfood was created and it’s just an opportunity where if you already have an existing habit it’s like we’re not asking you to add or do something new because people are overwhelmed it’s like please don’t ask me to do one more thing so how do we sort of do that realistically and in a supportive way but also not compromise taste or their experience so it really was good fortune you’re so right about that I got a recommendation to take seven supplements in a day and I’m like I’m not taking seven pills so this sounds delicious yeah but that’s not the only thing that you do because you also have a podcast too you’re a woman that does everything what inspired you to launch your podcast I’ve always interviewed people since the early 90s I used to do shows and MTV Sports and other shows and interview athletes and I always like the idea of learning I think coming from professional sports it was sort of like oh it’s not really about me at this moment I can learn from these other people and so just it’s a nicer to have these extended conversations and my hope is is to take this sort of high-end information that gets a little heady and put it at a sort of third or sixth grade level because I mean I don’t want to say democratizing health but this sort of idea of Hey listen how do we get this best information and and sort of get it to the people that are too busy or don’t have really have the resources to throw at it because I think there’s a lot of opportunities for people to feel so much better in their day-to-day life with just small tweaks here and there and tell me who’s who’s been your favorite guest maybe you don’t have a favorite but tell me about some of the guests that you love certainly I mean I have a lot of scientists and and doctors so like Dr David Sinclair who talks about let’s just call it slow aging it’s to extract information from them that and also how are they doing it because you get all these experts like yesterday I was talking to a natural medicine expert Dr will Cole and he’s like listen I don’t have it figured out like they have the answers but he’s like this is a practice and I think for me it’s that whole thing of if someone says to you in absolute this is what you have to do or I’m a life coach run away from them I think it’s it’s about like Hey listen you can have all the right information but if you don’t figure out a way to build a practice realistic to who you are and what your life is and what you’re navigating you won’t be successful so I think it’s really for me just trying to encourage people to go it’s messy it’s constant but simultaneously it’s like you have to do it there’s no way around it you can’t hack it it’s you know not a Magic Bullet and it’s and it’s sort of something that you just are trying each day you don’t arrive there like I just because I’ve done this for 35 years doesn’t mean now like I’m done doing it well I think you and I are in sync especially since we chose the same color tops to wear today give us one tip we can leave the viewers with um an easy tip you know we all know about nutrition besides sleep is if you’re not sprinting on a track try to breathe to the best of your ability with your mouth closed and breathe slow long and deep so that you will down regulate or stay in your quiet or your parasympathetic a lot of people are breathing through their mouth shallow breathing it’s more stressful and if you can get up and down from your chair if I know we have to sit and work and do things you got to do it and that’s very 101 but it’s something that we do a lot of sitting and breathing so yeah Gabby I’ve been a fan of yours for years I’m so thrilled and honored that you came on the show thanks so much for being a guest well thank you for having me and have a great day and and I hope your green works well for you today you as well and for everybody watching stay with us unless you need to go put a green shirt on so we’ve got a lot coming up that you’re gonna love foreign math so you can teach them math then surely you’ll check nhtsa.gov the right seat to make sure they’re correctly buckled in the back seat [Music] our next guest Jarrett Preston is impressive he is the author of The Wall Street Journal best-selling book billions Under Pressure the Art and Science of creating exchanging and protecting value he’s the CEO of idonius an asset trading expert and a former United States Marine he’s here to tell us how we can protect our wealth during turbulent times welcome to liftoff Jared thank you for having me Jared tell us a little bit about your book and what compelled you to write it well the last 25 years I spent my career helping some of the most elite families I met with individuals around the world and protecting their own assets trading assets exchanging value of all types and in that process I learned many things that maybe the average individual may not know I wanted to take that into the the mainstream world and bring these tools to the market through a book that everyone could then learn from and protect their own assets wealth and futures let’s hear it now give us a scoop in these turbulent times what can every person do to protect their wealth obviously number one is diversification we have to diversify and not be stuck in any single asset class or currency or Locale so I would recommend uh not only investing in traditional assets not only investing in the standard markets but also into tangible physical assets and assets with cash flow obviously or assets with the ability to be mobile uh and and we’ll discuss that a bit more but the ability to move your asset to move your wealth at any given moment in this type of economy is critical now is additional enough or should people be doing more we need to do more you know diversification used to be enough maybe for a thousand years but today we need more we need mobility and and by Mobility I mean to consider asset classes which can move swiftly quickly legally in in this type of economic climate so our clients are looking at assets such as gold as it’s such as fine art whether that’s a fractionally owned or fully owned looking at uh uh obviously real estate but every type of asset that you can move in and out of swiftly when you need to again the key is to have that mobility and have that flexibility to move forward you have a message in your book that I absolutely love you talk about being a person of character being accountable for your word and someone that others can trust how critical do you think that is to success it may be the most overlooked principle today I think it’s very important that we we make very clear statements and clear commitments and in state of Clear Vision in whatever Pursuit we are in today and that we deliver on those commitments people are looking for a Safe Harbor right something to trust in this market and we need to be those people and that’s how we’ll rise to the top that’s such great information Jared where can people find your book and resources by visiting idonius.io and obviously buying billions Under Pressure the book’s available now well thank you so much for being on liftoff and thank you for your service thank you thanks so much for having me thanks everybody keep watching we’ll be right back [Music] I never graduated from high school I realized I wanted to go back to school because I didn’t want to work these back-breaking jobs the rest of my life [Music] with the help of my father and having my son that was all the motivation that I needed to come back to school I felt accomplished made me feel that I could take on whatever challenges life throws at you find free adult education educationfinishyourdiploma.org [Music] welcome back the covet pandemic changed our lives in so many ways one was how we dress now that we’re all out and about again let’s get some expert help on how to look our best Allison brune and Delia fold are the co-founders of the style that binds us and moving from behind the scenes where they’ve been styling me for a few of our episodes to the front lines to share their fashion expertise welcome in front of the camera and welcome to the show ladies thanks we’re so excited to be here me too I’m thrilled because I have so many questions about fashion as you both know can you walk us through what to wear for a core wardrobe so right now with business casual or business professional no as long as you have that core wardrobe you can do it all all right so we put together the photos to show you the first photo shows this collage of all the base tops the base layer tops like a cami a white tee a green top so you have that in your closet and then next to that you’re going to have the base layer bottoms which is going to be everything from a dressy black pant or a black skirt all the way down to a blue jean a white jean or whatever so you don’t need a ton of those right you just have that section then you have your third layer pieces which are these Blazers or a cardigan or a wrap jacket anything like that and then the last thing is the accessories you have your shoes which you have the pump a loafer you have it the same thing in a soft neutral and the same thing with your bags and then some simple jewelry and when you have all of that together you can make a plethora of different looks and you can certainly do dress-up looks or completely dress down looks right so the next picture we’re going to show is the woman who is in the black pencil skirt with a cami like Delia’s wearing and the black and that jardigan which is like a combination of a sweater and a blazer but you can also see you can switch it out for a silk skirt a little matching Cami you can wear that with a sandal you can wear that with a pump you can wear that with like a ballet flat to work too you can take off the Blazer you can wear the Blazer so these pieces in this photo collage show how many different ways you can wear those like four pieces right the same thing goes with the green Blazer which is very similar to this color so in the photo of the girl she’s wearing the green blazer with a jean you can take that same green Blazer and wear it with a pant like day is wearing and a pump and some dressier jewelry and a small clutch and that can even be an evening look or a business dinner look or especially with a skirt or you can wear the same jacket with jeans and the little tank and a sneaker so that Blazer can be worn so many different ways so you need to be thinking about that when you buy things how many different ways am I going to be able to wear this okay and then there’s a lot of people wear dresses so you can wear dresses if you pick out the dresses that can also be worn casually with the dresses the same dresses that you can wear you can wear with a pump or a slingback but you can also wear with a flat or a sandal and then I put a trench in the picture because a lot of people don’t think about that that your entrance and your exit are your most important moments and so would you say that what you wear can absolutely affect your performance no doubt oh my goodness the science behind dressing what you wear what you put on your body actually affects how you perform so if you’re wearing something very cozy your brain is thinking I’m ready to take a nap so that’s where you’re sabotaging yourself if you’re working from home in comfy clothes whereas if you put on that Blazer or that lab coat as a doctor your brain is saying to you okay I’m ready for business I’m ready too right get all my professional goals accomplished that is such smart advice and I think you’ve just made a wardrobe seem powerful versatile affordable and just easy to put together thank you both so much for being on lift up in front of the cameras and absolutely for styling me with the beautiful mm leflore clothing that I absolutely adore yes and these Ally shoes that you’re going to wear as well eventually are so comfortable right oh I tried them on this morning and I can’t wait so ladies thanks again for helping us get our wardrobe up to date intact and thanks so much for being on liftoff absolutely and for everybody that’s watching stay tuned [Music] thank you we are happy to welcome back to the show fantastic Francis Tesmer Francis joined us in a previous liftoff episode on the future of the beauty industry Francis so happy to have you in person thank you so much happy to be here with you Francis you say that the beauty industry’s future is all about intelligent Beauty so what are the needs of the beauty industry today and how does lead roles Global Institute Empower Beauty professionals to meet and exceed those needs absolutely intelligent Beauty today’s Beauty the industry the everyone who we serve all of it needs a huge dose of intelligence think about it in today’s time right the word has changed through technology through advancements of science each and every one of us as human being and especially as women our need our wants our desire have changed dramatically right so what we are doing here with leads rough Global Institute is to empower beautician through the power of higher education so they can address today’s need what we are doing we are expanding the intellect of beautician their overall education to the next level so they can address this modern today word and its need and its desired and this is intelligent Beauty we need the intelligent and holistic approach to Beauty through our empowered beauticians intelligent beauty is such a fantastic phrase and I think you’re leading a movement do you agree totally this is a global movement this is a global movement for women about women and about the beauty industry collectively indeed for instance this is so insightful give us one tip that we should all walk away with from today absolutely believe in yourself you are intelligent Beauty just the way you are thanks so much for being on liftoff again Francis you heard it here believe in yourself and don’t go away we’ve still got more great info to come [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] Frederick has had a diverse and seasoned career as a Founder sales executive investor and advisor to many organizations he’s the CEO of Health cues a health and disease prevention company Doug I’m so happy to have you on liftoff oh pleasure Jeannie glad to be here so Doug you’ve got so much great information let’s start talking with what is preventative health and why is it important it’s really important we spend 4 trillion a year as a country and 75 percent of what we spend on major medical is preventable the chronic disease is preventable so we should be educating people so they understand what they can be doing instead of going to a doctor and finding out what’s wrong with them try to prevent it before that happens so just to make it clear for everybody preventable Health gets it before it even goes to Major Medical where you have to pay co-pays and other heavy expenses correct seven out of 10 times we go to the doctor we know where we’re going we’re trying to get people to use health coaches call the telemedicine don’t guess what what’s wrong with you DNA screening biometric screening and so why is this good for any employer in other words you know what are the benefits that they see well the benefits they see uh statistically happier healthier employees are going to be more profitable fewer sick days and they also get a payroll tax savings by implementing our program oh wow I didn’t realize that yeah that’s fantastic so every employer should be doing this I don’t know why every employer isn’t doing it yes interesting and is it expensive for an employer to implement or uh there’s no out-of-pocket costs we do all the heavy lifting so there’s really it’s their payroll company doing the heavy lip but they already paid the payroll company to do their job so there’s not any more work on the employer or the employee and so how does the employee benefit from this is it through education information what is your company doing what yeah so we have about a 35 engagement rate which to some in baseball that’s really good batting 350. but that’s really high in our type of program so we’re constantly educating reaching out to the employees we’re trying to get the individuals to like I said take a DNA screening biometric screening walk through it with a health coach and really understand how you should be eating better if you’re going to exercise what type of exercising is better for your body now I know you have a lot of statistics about health and wellness what are the top three preventative health shares people should take number one biometric screening they should get biometric screening for sure number two would be DNA screening and then number three talk to someone that understands your DNA screening and understand your biometric screen because it’s you’re going to get 30 35 pages and uh I didn’t even understand mine so I had to talk to my head coach not ancestry DNA screening not to find out that you were originally German no no we don’t do that it’s all about uh what type if I’m going to exercise for my body type what’s the best exercise and really if I’m going to eat healthier like my I did mine for uh eating and it was low fat and I thought low fat went out in the 80s but I guess for my body that’s the type of diet I should be doing yes that’s great I wonder what mine is I hope it’s high carbs and fast food thanks Doug for coming on the show I think what you’re talking about is something every employer should be considering and every person should be considering really appreciate having you on lift up thank you so much all right next up tips to build your personal brand so stay with us what if your personal lifestyle and preventative health care was part of your employment employers how valuable is a healthier happier Workforce what if this could be true for both employee and employer at no additional cost and with an actual realized net pay increase with health cues these things can be true for both many employers face High medical claims and absenteeism costs as their employees don’t get the preventative care they need because they don’t know where to go and the out-of-pocket costs for these tests are too high Health cues Bridges the Gap to vital services if you love them enough to crawl into a play place to get them to come down then truly you’ll check nhtsa.gov the right seat to make sure they’re in the right car seat [Music] our next guest is Denise lambertson an influencer marketing expert with a focus in startup consumer products she’s also an investor and managing partner of a venture capital firm she joins us now with tips on personal branding welcome to liftoff Denise thank you so much for having me I’m so excited to have you here and I have to say your hair looks fabulous thank you I was talking like a little bit of problems earlier but I think we fixed it awesome well tell me why is it important for people to build their brand along with their business so this has been a change that’s happened in the last two or three years we’ve gone from influencers being important to Brands to Founders and entrepreneurs being the most important influencer to their own brand and it’s just it’s a it’s a subtle shift that I don’t know that everyone that entrepreneurs are thinking of but really they have the most impact when it comes to storytelling so for someone that’s just entering the field like this show what are some of the actionable steps you can share to get them set up for Success so the actionable steps I would say to start with a start building an inspiration file it’s called a swipe file and I would say go out and look at some of the founders and some of the entrepreneurs and what they’re talking about and just build a database that you can fall back on because it’s uncomfortable in the beginning when you’re just starting out it’s it’s nerve-wracking you you know this is not what you got into business for right but just having that repository to look back on and give you inspiration will really help you start and get in your get in your lane and what are some of the great tools or ways to get yourself and your business recognized and maintain a relevant presence without it looking too salesy it’s really important that that uh balance in in personal branding and in founder marketing so you want to show the truth of building your business you want to show the hard times that you push through as well as all the wins the high fives and the you know and the hard moments so it means putting yourself out there uh talking about why you started the business and talking about why it’s hard but also uh bringing people in and sharing with them all the wins as well so do you suggest that people get coaches or support to build their brand when they’re starting their business um I don’t think we necessarily need coaches I would attack the personal branding Space by thinking about it as its own marketing channel so just as you would build a plan for how you’re going to launch this business so I’m going to do this social media this press this um content then you would say okay well I’m the founder I’m the entrepreneur I’m going to do this social media this press Etc and think about it take your try to take the emotions out of it and and think about it as needing its own strategy and its own plan and if you can do that I don’t know that you necessarily need the coach in the beginning so some people say that you know you’re building the business everything should focus on the business and not the personal brand you’re saying something that’s very different which there’s the business brand and a personal brand and both are really important and I think that comes from today’s consumer wanting to have some trust they want to see the CEO on camera they want to know who’s behind the company or the product do you see that changing or just becoming more important as we move forward it’s you know it is a it has been a shift but it is here and if you are not engaging in that way you’re really missing out on an opportunity for growth for your business um you know consumers trust people more than they trust companies that that’s just that’s just a fact right that’s why we see influencers and celebrities and athletes all telling stories and uh consumers themselves telling stories as I love this product so the founder or the entrepreneur needs to insert themselves into into that conversation you know 82 percent of consumers trust a brand more if they see the founder or the leadership team on social and engaging in marketing and 77 of them are more likely to buy it’s those are really compelling numbers you know I’m a data nerd so I love that I promise you those stats will be on our social posts forever and I will be repeating them from this point forward so Denise thank you so much for coming on the show I’m sure it’s really appreciate it oh thank you so much it was so fun to be here absolutely all right everybody stay tuned we’ll be right back [Music] thank you [Music] put the keys Down Kevin but I’m gonna drive home there are several warning signs present that you shouldn’t be driving I guess I have really been looking for love in this dating app yep I’m definitely gonna call right home foreign for this episode of liftoff with Jeannie Weldon I can see your mind already putting those great tips and green tops to use every episode we invite a select group of guests like you to watch the show live today we are bringing Amaya Chanel up to thank her for being in our audience hi Amaya hi thanks for being in our audience today thank you for having me this show was absolutely incredible I was able to take away so many things tell me one thing that you took away um I think my favorite was The Stylist just knowing so many different ways that I could pair a blazer with all of the outfits that are in my closet and going from a day to a night look very easy super helpful right yes yes well thank you so much for being a fan of the show and coming to our taping today and for sharing the tips with everybody on TV thanks it was awesome all right everybody that’s it for today be sure to follow us at liftoff with Jeannie for more tips behind the scenes and tell us what you want to hear on an upcoming show I’m Jeannie Weldon see you next time thank you right here baby look [Music] um something more than a birthday is happening here once you can see it you can help the sooner you recognize the signs of autism the sooner you can make a lifetime of difference for your child start by answering a few simple questions at screenforautism.org the proceeding was sponsored by liftoff Enterprises LLC

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