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Make The Most Of Your Life!: The Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden TV Show: Season 1 Episode 4

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you hi everyone and welcome back to liftoff with Jeannie Weldon I’m your host Jeannie Weldon I created liftoff so that people like you and me could get the information we need to make the most of our personal and professional lives our first guest Jason tardick is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author the host of Apple’s top charting business podcast trading Secrets after 10 years of working in a corporate banking world he took a detour into reality television can you believe it he was a contestant on season 14 of ABC’s The Bachelorette I’m sure you saw him there since then he’s been seen on Good Morning America Live with Kelly and Ryan Dancing with the Stars and now liftoff Jason welcome to the show we’re so thrilled to have you on thank you so much for having me and you’re probably the perfect person to write about the topic of pivoting in your career so you’ve done so much tell us about your book the restart roadmap rewire and reset your career why you chose to write it and what you think is most compelling about it yeah I think that the main premise behind the book is kind of my story my story was that I was the yes guy you tell me when to show up I’ll be there early you tell me how long to stay and work I will be there late you need an answer you need something done I was your yes guy I was that guy for about 10 years the corporate Soldier I relocated five or six times within that 10 years the longest relocation was from New York to Seattle three thousand plus miles not knowing anyone and that’s when I was putting this very weird unconventional position to be asked if I want to go on a reality show like I was the least reality show type guy and for some reason I was dying to do it like I need to do it when I did some self work I started to realize it was because that I was living My Lens through everyone’s expectation other than like what I wanted out of life and it was weird that when I made a pivot that was so unconventional that was against what everyone in my life told me what I should do it actually opened up so much for me and I began began to find my path and find what was driving happiness and there was as a result of Happiness my motivation was moving in a level I’d never seen it so for me it just opened all these doors it created opportunity I started businesses I never thought I would and I took a step back to say that pivot moment was me breaking what I saw is the blueprint to success and from that moment people that I’ve interviewed and talked to that have achieved massive outlying success all had similar moments where they broke the blueprint whether it was at the age of four it was the age of 60 that they did something different than they have been told is the route to success and so this book kind of encompasses the whole story and gives people that are trying to find their path or dial it in a little more Direction such a powerful concept and you know that’s exactly what I did with this TV show I left my corporate day job to start this TV show and just amazing things have happened since then so I totally agree with you and you like me are so passionate about educating on financial literacy and career advice if you had to give one piece of advice to all of our viewers what would it be ah the biggest thing I would say is you’ll never be an expert if you’re not it’s very hard to be but think about it when you order wine at a restaurant you don’t have to be the Somalia you don’t have to be the expert that knows everything but before you order wine you should have some idea of you know what the wine is the red the white a little bit of the difference you know different regions just a little bit and I think the most important one of the most important things in our life in our relationships is money and how we manage it how we communicate towards it and how we act as a consumer so I would say you don’t have to be an expert no one’s asking you to be but you have to educate yourself enough to be a consumer that won’t be taken advantage of and that takes control of the process with their money which again is one of the most important Assets in the world and right now people that mismanage their money they are it’s the second leader for divorce and relationships it’s financial distress so take control of it be a good consumer and the last one just goes without saying and I could spend an hour on it but I won’t spend less save more period I think that’s the theme of the show today and it is the theme that we should all have in our lives save more spend less be smart about money and Jason such great advice I really appreciate you being on the show and I hope everybody who’s watching read your book thank you so much for having me thank you and thanks so much for everybody for staying tuned in when we come back we’re going to continue the conversation about financial literacy and education so don’t go away [Music] at a time when more than 60 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck a lack of knowledge of financial resources and strategy continually prevents many families and individuals from identifying ways to break free from financial hardship tax expert and financial planner Louis Barajas is here to tell us more about his PBS series opportunity knots welcome Louie thank you so much Genie it’s a pleasure to be with you I love all the work you’re doing by the way oh thank you so much and I’m so thrilled to have you on talking about such a critical issue so let’s get into it Opportunity Knocks feature six families and pairs them with renowned Financial experts to take control of their finances sounds like such a cool and needed idea tell us more about it well you know it’s it’s six families that we select who go through different uh hardships and struggles some are Financial some are really personal issues that have to do with money right but the goal that we try to show the the the the the the people that are watching this show is that if you don’t have a lot of resources you can be resourceful and opportunity knocks opens the door actually to uh locations in their areas through cdfis that they can find resources to help them whether they’re going through business struggles um credit card struggles um you know struggling with their finances for their families so it’s a wonderful show that shows people not only how to tackle Financial issues but also it’s an emotional show that I think people will really love to watch so Louie what are the top tips you have for each generation to save spend and invest let’s start with Gen Z and work our way all the way up to the Baby Boomers because I’ve got all of those in my life and I’d love to learn more so real quick so so the Jen’s ears right it’s a big age group it’s it’s like from 11 to 26 but we’ll talk about the college age you know right in the 20s it really is a time of self-awareness and believe it or not when I’m sitting down and I’m actually working with somebody who of that age we’re looking at what can they do to invest in themselves to create more Revenue more income or more value for themselves to give up to the world right the more well how can they become more valuable so we’re actually believe it or not investing I just had somebody who disfiled a tax return a 26 year old got some money and we’re doing a personality profile we’re gonna either do disc or myers-brigg or Colby to really invest in themselves it’s a time to invest in themselves and get to know what they’re you know who they are and what their unique abilities and what their strengths are how about Gen X Gen X okay so Gen X you know Gen X is 43-58 and they’ve got children they’re married maybe they’ve already gone through a divorce right they really need to settle in because we want to do is the goal is you know the problem is that when I first started working on the financial planning side years ago everybody want to retired at 55. it’s almost becoming impossible to do that so that you know they know they’re going to work almost at age 70 now at this point right but they need to hunker down and to start saving to make work optional because the problem is as we’re getting older our health isn’t that great so this is a time where they’re earning the most amount of money they need to start saving for um their retirement or like I said for making work optional I’m making sure that they have a really strong emergency fund and making sure that they’re focusing on also helping their children through through school that is so smart and that’s exactly what liftoff is all about that work life blend and balancing your professional and personal life so I love it now let’s talk about Millennials what tips do you have for Millennials okay annuals are the 27 to 42 age group they actually need to really focus on now their career path right when when the Gen Z years were kind of traveling seeing the world starting late you know in life now they really have to focus on their careers um they’re starting to have children as well we want to make sure that they have an estate plan and if they have children they need to really focus on life insurance that’s one of the things that I see there’s not enough life insurance for people who have young children their estate plan is really important and start investing for the long term and especially right now like Roth Iris are one of the greatest Investments that the inventions they did for investing for the long term so again investing and putting and saving money that’s great okay now let’s wrap it up with Baby Boomers what do baby baby boomers need to do because you know I’ve heard that baby boomers have the highest level of discretionary spend right now is that true that’s absolutely true because again they’re on their prime years but the problem is that they have some discretionary spending but they’re spending it and the problem is that right now they what they need to do is they need to focus on using their money as a tool to live a better quality of a healthier life to extend their life right because if they’re getting older they want to make sure that um they they’re living a better longer quality of life they’re also making decisions on Social Security when they’re going to get it or not and so all these things that we just talked about all these tools if you actually go to opportunitynox.net you’re going to find a thing called an opportunity finder and there’s a whole bunch of Solutions in there that you can go and find so you know they’ll really enjoy that I love it I love it well I hope everybody watching does everything that you heard today and goes online and learns more and watches opportunity Knox thanks so much for being on the show my pleasure and again I’m enjoying all the work that you’re doing it’s absolutely fantastic and thank you for inspiring all of us thank you so much and for everybody else stay tuned because we’re going to be right back foreign welcome back Francis Tesmer is the founder and president of lead roles Global Institute she strongly believes that the world of beauty must also educate and Empower women to build self-esteem by honoring their inner beauty their uniqueness and strength creating happier and financially rewarding lives I love everything Francis has to say she joins us now to tell us more about her work and initiatives welcome to the show Francis so thrilled to have you on thank you very much it’s lovely to be with you this morning so Francis I know that Leeds Rolf Global Institute is the first degree program of its kind and I’m Blown Away by everything that you have to share can you share for our audience some of the background on this amazing program absolutely so lead Ross Global Institute is really a global movement to take the impact and the future of beautician about 8 million of them around the world to the next level so that for the first time beautician have the opportunity to take their career their impact their life their financial earning as well as their image and their Prestige and their place in the world to the next level so tell me Francis what does a beauty experience look like when it’s performed by a well-rounded college and university educated Beauty professional oh my goodness it is so exciting because these Beauty professionals these well-rounded well-educated Beauty professionals can now offer us what I call intelligent beauty transformational Beauty a beauty that uplifts us a beauty that empowers us gives us confidence to go out in the world and be proud of who we are and be our best and look our best so you know this beauty professional because their own life has been transformed through this education pathway because now they’re happy now their finances are good now their life is good now they’re joyful they’re compassionate they have the tools to offer us modern Beauty experiences so talk more about how lead breaks the stigma associated with the beauty profession and Beauty professionals today you know I say we’re done with looking down on beauty we are lifting Beauty and Humanity with it you and I know and all of us know in the world in this modern world there’s so much we all deal with right it’s time for beauty to step up and uplift all of us so this whole astigma of this is being and not a professional career not a fabulous uh future and all of that is done is over because we’re doing this globally right it is happening globally it’s consistent everybody in the beauty space is with us and the time is now so we’re done this I would say welcome to the future of Beauty and the future of beauticians I think our audience would love to know about the role that beauty professionals will play in the future of beauty in our world collectively when they go through this program they get this accreditation they’re supported financially and they are armed by you and your teams to do something very positive you see beautician see us more often than anybody else right than doctors and attorneys and accountants and even maybe our own children and family and whatever else they see us on an ongoing basis and the way this is designed to inspire Empower equip beautician so that they can have an impact on us and then imagine imagine the hundreds and thousands and millions of people around the world that now go to these Beauty houses and because of the communication because of the respect they received because of the knowledge they receive because of the validation they receive they feel empowered to go out there in the world right and be their best and if we do this on an ongoing basis what does it do it moves Humanity forward actually it moves our word forward and that’s what beauty is all about and our beauticians are over 8 million beauticians they’re ready to do that let’s do it let’s make it happen that’s what’s all about let’s do it let’s do it Francis so how can we find out more lead Institute that degree would be a great place to go everything is there and have fun with it thank you so much Francis we’re going to check it out and then we’re going to check in with you later I am sure because I’m going to want to know how this is going and the change and difference that you’re making thank you so much for being on the show thank you so much wonderful being with you this morning wonderful to have you on Francis thanks so much and after the break we’re going to keep it going with world changing ideas we’re going to discuss clean medicine if you want to know more about how you can bring clean medicine to your children stay tuned [Music] what if your personal lifestyle and preventative health care was part of your employment employers how valuable is a healthier happier Workforce what if this could be true for both employee and employer at no additional cost and with an actual realized net pay increase with health cues these things can be true for both many employers face High medical claims and absenteeism costs as their employees don’t get the preventative care they need because they don’t know where to go and the out-of-pocket costs for these tests are too high Health cues Bridges the Gap to vital services Health cues is an all-inclusive preventative Health Care Management program that supplements insurance plans [Music] David Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of genexa the first clean medicine company genexa makes medicine with the same effective active ingredients that people need but without any artificial fillers including artificial dyes flavors preservatives and common allergens David’s joining us today to tell us more about genexa and clean medicine thanks so much for joining the show today David thanks for having me so David is medicine as clear as it seems the same active ingredient so just as effective but without all the fillers yeah that’s exactly what it is we remove the dyes the artificial sweeteners the artificial fillers the artificial sugars and really work to create the same efficacious drug but without all of the you know those those byproducts so we would use an Agave instead of an artificial sweetener right and we would use organic blueberry flavor instead of you know an artificial flavor right so that’s that’s really our focus and really kind of deliver that that efficacious product at the end of the day it’s fascinating can you tell me and our viewers a little bit about your backstory what inspired you to start genexa because it’s such an incredibly powerful idea that I think so many can benefit that so many people can benefit from I’d love to hear more about it I start with the story about you know Max and I Two Dads no background in Pharma um which I think is necessary uh to go into something like like we’ve gone into but really just pure passion when our when our little ones were born and not understanding the the ingredients that were in common found OTC medicines over-the-counter medicines at the shelf and not being able to pronounce them and then you know taking the box and and looking it up online and realizing you know just the the artificial you know makeup of so many of these ingredients and then I think what it really was was we saw the shift in food we saw the shift in beverage we saw the shift in cosmetics supplements but no one was touching such a massive space of you know of drug and it’s it’s we use drugs when we’re at kind of our low Point um you know and feeling kind of helpless for our children so I think you know for us it’s um it was it was passion driven to to really make a difference in an industry where we could effectuate change in health yeah and you’re doing it from the comprehensive view of the company’s standpoint from the outside in I we were talking before the show and I was telling you about how impressed I was with the packaging that you have and how people can go online and choose medicines to kind of rebuild an all-natural medicine cabinet which I think is such a fabulous idea and probably just continues to drive your success because you close a really successful record-breaking series a in 2021 so congratulations on that and I know you’ve launched several new products since then what are your plans to keep it going yeah you know and I I’ll comment on the on the packaging really because I think what we’re trying to do is we’re different than than the average pharmaceutical business right we’re we’re really consumer type of focused on people over everything first right in terms of how we approach everything so you know Max and my phone numbers on the side of every package right you can text the business our customer service will respond and we’re really just big on on you know looking out for the consumer and and driving that that whole momentum of you know being part of that you know that change right um in terms of the the series a it was a very successful series a uh it’s really launched us into staying focused on creating and coming across all the categories right so right now we’re really focused in in the pain categories for children and adults uh so you know moving into allergy and and so on and so on but genexa’s whole focus is to create a clean option for consumers across the whole category and that’s that’s what we’re going to do until we’re done disrupting it well that’s gonna that is a big challenge to swallow but I am sure you and the team are ready for it and I wish you the best and the most success moving forward I’d love to kind of stay in touch and watch how you continue to grow this was incredibly great information thanks so much for being on the show I appreciate it thank you all right thanks everybody I hope you learned a lot I hope you check out the website and build your own medicine cabinet but stay tuned because we’ve got some really fun activities and stories coming next we’ll be right back foreign welcome back neutral vodka Seltzer which is the number two spirits-based Seltzer on the market just recently announced their first national campaign called neutral one with the umlaut featuring actress and Saturday Night Live star Chloe Fineman as a fan of Chloe’s work it was so much fun seeing her help bring neutral’s quirky personality to life as she played the role of cheeky vodka Seltzer sommelier named Gunter I just tried neutral recently and I was so impressed with the refreshing and tasty quality the can says it’s made with real vodka Seltzer and real juice I just love how simple that is let’s let Chloe take it away a secret to Good Taste is right here neutral so one was the umlot [Music] Jenny Fielding is one of the most active pre-seed investors around having invested in over 300 companies as the very first check having had startups of my own I know how critical that first check is Jenny is the co-founder and managing partner of the fund Jenny has built a thriving community of over 500 Founders and operators who help Source diligence and invest in the next generation of startups across Three core verticals money health and work Jenny joins us now to help be the best in our business thanks so much for being on the show Jenny thanks for having me so Jenny you’ve gone from lawyer to start up to investor tell me what’s your journey been like for you yeah it’s definitely not been a linear path um you know started out pretty corporate so went to law school and had you know a very different kind of career plan I think um and ultimately I found myself working at a big bank and nights and weekends I spent kind of you know tinkering on the side some ideas that I had so when I started my first company I didn’t really set out to start a startup I started just I wanted to solve a problem right and so like many entrepreneurs um you know were empaths right we see something in the world that just doesn’t resonate and we want to fix it so in 2008 a long time ago um I started my first company uh nights and weekends and that really turned into kind of a lifelong career in Tech what is the current state of tech startups and macro environment right now yeah so the last few years have been total boom years for attack very different than when I started my first company or when used started yours there’s been so much money kind of piling into the verticals and you know we’ve seen just you know everyone wants to get into Tech so venture capitalist funds have you know flourished Founders you know on every corner um and so in the last nine months we’ve had a real reset and that’s had you know big implications for the tech ecosystem and we’re seeing it Domino through larger companies with layoffs that we’re hearing about down to you know the small companies that we fund so the whole ecosystem is Contracting now um the truth is it was quite over inflated and so in a way this reset is very healthy but obviously if you’re going through it it’s quite painful and so that’s where we are right now in this kind of precarious place where things are being reset and you know I think the good Founders are going to rise to the top it’s such a smart way to think about the future going forward and pretty much the only positive way you can think about that especially if you’re a new startup or if you’re an early stage entrepreneur so let me ask you a question about your personal investing if you’re looking to fund a business or if you’re giving advice to somebody who’s looking to land an investor what’s the number one piece of advice you give them yeah I mean I think first of all you have to figure out what type of company you want to start and so in the last few years everyone has thought venture capital is for me um but the truth is Venture capitalists are really funding high growth highly scalable companies mostly software companies right where they can see incredible multiples and so many of the people that kind of pitch me their ideas because I literally get thousands of pitches probably every week a lot of those companies can be like really impressive cool companies but they’re probably not going to reach kind of unicorn status or be you know on a path to say an IPO and so the first thing you know the first piece of advice I like to give Founders is really figure out where you are in the stack right are you building a high growth company which would require something like venture capital or are you building a smaller business which kind of is a misnomer because it can still get pretty you know big but there’s different types of capital that you access for different types of businesses what advice would you give to a Founder that’s been looking for money for a while hasn’t been really successful because of the environment has a great idea though do you think the advice is going to be just stay at it do you think the advice is maybe you should pivot how do you approach those questions yeah I mean I think again if you’re building a high Growth Company there’s still a lot of capital out there right so Venture capitalists have raised records amounts of money over the last few years and so you know you just have to you know find those investors so how do you do that I like to say you know it’s a numbers game so you’ve got to fill like top of the funnel so think about you know raising Capital the same way you would do sales right so the more top of the funnel that you have the better conversion you’re going to have and so you’ve got to just do a lot of primary research you’ve got to get you know warm introductions from other people in the ecosystem and then you’ve just gotta get out there and meet as many pop you know people as possible build that Network right the number one piece of advice you gave me so many years ago and it’s so true you’ve done it all you’ve been a lawyer you you’ve had your own startup your funding startups you’re just amazing and I can’t thank you enough for coming today and being on the show because there are so many people that are looking to start a business that are entrepreneurs that will use this advice so thanks so much for being on liftoff thanks for having me I cannot think of a better way to end Today’s Show than with the inspiration of getting out there and not giving up and getting the money you need to grow your business if you’re interested in hearing more about all aspects of life and making the most of your personal and professional life stay tuned and do not forget to follow us on social media at liftoff with Jeannie we’ve got tips resources and other information for you there I’m Jeannie Weldon see you next time the proceeding was sponsored by liftoff Enterprises LLC

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