Your brand can be the most powerful tool in your personal and professional toolbox. It defines who you are, how you think and so much more. Creating a strong brand demonstrates your effectiveness to others through action, not words. You might not realize it, but the strongest brands are able to evoke emotion, deliver on a brand promise and always ensure consistent results without ever saying a word. Don't believe me? Think about a brand you love. When you see a can of diet coke or a Starbucks cup in someone's hand you smile. Why? Because right away you think of the good feeling you will have when you get one, you remember how great it was last time you had one, and you know the service will be outstanding. These companies deliver on their promise, and as a result, they drive loyalty. And, brands are not just professional, they are personal too. Your brand tells your children what to expect without you saying a word. It also gets you that interview. Your brand controls your destiny! Imagine what you could do, if you had no limits and everything was within your reach. Well, guess what. It is! If you are concerned that you are not making the most of everything you have to offer in your personal and professional life, have no fear, LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden will help to ensure you leave every episode with a better understanding of how to harness your best qualities and leverage it to build a better life.