Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness, also known as mental health is the cornerstone of your personal and professional success. Are not happy with you who are? Do you struggle with understanding how to make the most of your life? If so, your friends, family and work will never be as fulfilling as they can and should be. Don't spend time worrying about how others perceive you. Invest that time in learning how to love every part of you and turn in into a power that creates good for everyone. If you are unsure of where to start, start by just looking in the mirror and writing down three things that you have done, that are good. Try to avoid finding your flaws and instead, find your finesse. These three things can be small. Maybe you opened the door for someone carrying a box, maybe you actually woke up when your alarm went off, or maybe you simply chose not to say what was on your mind and avoided a conflict. Whatever you write down is a wonderful start. From here, hold onto that list and look to add one more item to it every day for a week. Then, use that time to just remind yourself that you are a good person, doing good in the world. Remember, finding your best self can be one of the most challenging goals in your life. In today's world social media can make you second guess who you are and if you are good enough. Tune into LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden and learn how to be happy with who you are, and how to achieve the mental wellness that will give you balance and perspective in your life.