Financial Wellness

Over 50% of households that make $250K a year are struggling financially. They have no stability when it comes to financial wellness. You see, it doesn't matter what gender you are, how much you earn, where you live, or where you work; financial challenges impact us all. A few years ago over 40% of hourly workers did not have enough money to cover an unexpected medical expense. Last year, over 73% of Millenials felt they would never have enough to retire. Today, over 50% of GenZ chose to live with their parents to avoid the high cost of housing. And, over the past 6 months, Baby boomers have lost an average of 25% of their retirement value as the market has changed. Financial stress affects every generation.  While it may affect them differently, it is a big issue. And this issue impacts our mental wellness and our physical fitness. That doesn't help things get any better. There needs to be a path toward financial stability, but what is it? Where does it start? And how can we all take advantage of it? Many experts believe that financial wellness begins with improved education, and, at an early age. I am not sure there are many of us who where taught how to make a budget, balance a bank account or plan for choosing the right retirement stocks and investments. And certainly, there isn't much proactive education happening for our kids pertaining to crypto. If no one is talking about it, how do we make it a conversation that happens daily? Find out how to master your financial future when you tune into LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden