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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you hi everyone and welcome back to liftoff with Jeannie Weldon I’m your host Janie Weldon after spending years as a business leader and chief marketing officer of companies whose mission is to Forge New Paths forward I realized that creating solutions that improve the way we live is great but it might not be enough that’s why I’m here because here on liftoff we’re going to have some fun with a purpose we promise to bring you resources that will guide you towards a better life Financial Freedom better mental Wellness a healthier lifestyle and something that I like to call content filled with air authentic inspirational and relatable conversations you see each guest on liftoff is carefully selected to make sure that the information they share enables you to improve every part of your personal and professional life our first guest this episode personifies authentic inspirational and relatable Mr Ed Begley Jr Golden Globe and seven time Emmy nominee environmentalist joins us now so grateful to have you on the show Welcome to liftoff Ed thank you Jimmy it’s great to be on with you now Ed we have a lot to talk about Better Call Saul hugely popular nominated for outstanding ensemble in a drama series tell us a little bit about what it’s been like to work on that show well I’ve been a dear friend of Brian Cranston for years and and because of that friendship I started watching his wonderful Show Breaking Bad I didn’t need a for his wonderful friendship to do it everybody loved that show and I was one of them and I just had this incredible admiration respect for Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan who did that great show then I started watching Saul and it was so great I couldn’t believe that lightning could strike twice you know with that kind of incredible success and that kind of great artistic excellence and then I get this call about being in the show so I was doing backflips to to work with Peter and Vince on this it was just a godsend and I love Bob Odenkirk and I’m grateful Beyond where it’s been welcomed into that family I think it’s amazing but I also think that you’re a pretty amazing man yourself and definitely two for two with Monumental TV shows these past few years tell us about how it’s like to work on young Sheldon another fine show it’s so funny and as important for me it has a lot of art too it’s kind of a love letter to the people of Texas I think when I watch every episode that’s what I get out of it and uh and just damn funny the kid is so great Ian is so talented I love it I love it I have a podcast called liftoff Journeys and I always ask people if where they are today if part of their Journey was because of something that their parents did when they were younger so your father was an oscar-winning film actor was your father the inspiration for you wanting to be an actor a hundred percent I’m convinced that if my dad had been a plumber I’d be fitting pipe now I just wanted to do what he did and uh but having said that I had everything else wrong that is to say he made it look so easy and he’s my dad he’s just doing it I went well I can do that you know get me a series get me on Wagon Train get me on Perry Mason you know I just wanted to be on a a good show at the time uh so I I had this bad attitude and I didn’t even know it I had kind of Awakened me when I’m famous attitude I hadn’t done any work as an actor to train I just thought I was kind of charming and I should be given apart of course I didn’t get anything I went in a few interviews and uh thank God I didn’t get a part I never would have worked and gotten that second job so I finally went and got some training and then it began to work and I began to learn and get better I love it you got to put in the work to get the success and and I think you’ve really done that not just with your acting career but also with your environmental support you’ve got a line of environmentally friendly cleaning and pet products Begley’s Earth responsible products what was the inspiration for this line and how did you get started in the environmental movement it started in 1970 with the first Earth Day what really drew me in was the incredible smog the horrible smog I lived with in L.A so after 20 years of that somebody said we’re going to do something called Earth day and when sign me up because I know we got to clean up the air I know we got to clean up the water I’d seen the Santa Barbara oil spill happen off the coast of California so I started doing everything I could I started you know recycling I started composting I you know I became a vegetarian and I started using non-toxic cleaning products back then all I could afford was like baking soda and vinegar and water you know it was primitive but it worked and it was non-toxic and I like that but then I went there’s got to be a better way and people a few health food stores started to carry some non-toxic products but there wasn’t a big selection so I vowed one day I would try my hand in it and I did I got this wonderful partner Mark Cunningham at lab clean they have the best formulas they’re non-toxic but most importantly they clean as good as any formula 409 or Windex but without that ammonia without those chlorinated hydrocarbons whatever they have those other cleaners it’s you know because you got your pets down the ground crawling around on the floor putting their paws in their mouth same thing with our kids our babies are on the floor our young ones crawling around putting their fingers and toes in their mouth you don’t want to have any toxic chemical on that floor or anywhere in your kitchen get it out there’s a hazardous waste site under your sink get rid of it and get a non-toxic product from me or from any of the fine products we’re all in it together and uh but mine are fine products and you can just go big league cleaning at Amazon and you’ll find it and nowadays there’s many choices that you have before you that you can do on a very very limited budget and Energy savings thermostat energy saving light bulbs ride a bike of weather and fitness permit public transportation if it’s available near you home gardening home composting become a vegetarian if you don’t want to totally become a vegetarian try it one day a week meatless Mondays or something and see how you feel you might like it a second and third day and those are seven simple things you can do that you’ll save money at too yeah I love it those are all great examples and so simple there’s no reason that every single person watching can’t choose at least one if not all of them and and try that and make a difference in the world and thank you so much for being on the show it was a pleasure to have you on liftoff and let’s all move forward and help the environment thank you Jane next up we move into the kitchen with help for the busy family and who isn’t busy these days we’ve got top tips to get your whole family eating healthier so stay with us thank you busy parents listen up celebrity chef Devin Alexander is here in live person Devon is best known as the chef on NBC’s The Biggest Loser she joins us now in the family kitchen to help get more healthy food into your kids bellies and that is something that is an amazing accomplishment welcome Chef Devitt thank you so much I’m really excited I’m so thrilled to have you here because you have such a great story to tell you’ve got a unique approach to healthy cooking healthy eating and it’s actually LED you to a 70 pound weight loss so tell us more about that how did you get there well I thought I didn’t like vegetables as a kid and I had two Italian grandmothers who taught me how to cook and get fat as I like to say but no in all seriousness I had such amazing memories with my grandmother’s cooking amazing food and I didn’t like vegetables which is messaged by a lot of parents like you don’t eat vegetables at one point and then it’s like oh you don’t like vegetables you didn’t eat vegetables so and then and even you know having a child myself I’ve noticed people like I had her teething on broccolini and carrots and things and people are like Is that real that’s so smart I realized that when I tell my daughter why she wants to eat something like spinach makes you strong and avocados give you a lot of energy she’s a lot more excited to do it and then we everybody saw this working so much on her and a lot of my clients I wrote this book The Land of secret superpowers vegetables to teach kids that they can be empowered if they choose to eat vegetables and then they choose to eat them I love that I love that I love that so you brought some great food and let’s shift to the food it seems counterintuitive but you encourage the notion of actually playing with your food I do playing games so for instance you know so many times we stalk our kids play kitchens with the ice cream and the pizza and all the foods that we don’t necessarily want them eating all the time and then we sit them at the table after no fun has been around broccoli and it’s like here eat broccoli so so I say stock your kids play kitchen with lots of all the produce you want them to learn about and then some of the other stuff a little bit you know but so it’s all fun and then play games with them so there’s no stress in your kitchen so for instance you get to knock this butternut squash over with a bean bag all right do I pretend it’s somebody that I don’t like or something right now and am I going to be able to okay this can be embarrassing if I miss all right oh but I didn’t but I didn’t knock it over but you had one look you had smiles and now I need to have more vegetables so I can get the superpowers now you might want to eat the squash and then so I encourage people like I have these beads that are avocados and strawberries and carrots and so make little bracelets and make that a fun thing instead of other I mean beads are great but getting vegetables in their life in a fun way is another thing this is actually a miniature golf game that I encourage with really young kids that encourages kids to eat celery you Brussel into the mini golf hole with a celery stalk and literally my two-year-old neighbor started eating celery for the first time when we played this for 10 minutes with a two fours five and six year olds oh my gosh I love it so this works for kids do you think it works with adults too no no oh I mean obviously those kind of things but I do have some tips for adults too awesome so he wrote this great book that’s great for adults to read to kids so you’re motivating kids you’re getting the adults and the parents involved with this and from there even the adults and parents can probably start to live healthier lives as well and I know you do a lot of weight loss coaching but you don’t call it weight loss coaching you call it something else boss body coaching right which I love because we’re two boss girls right here right yeah and it’s the bosses who actually you know let themselves go a lot because they’re so busy doing so much and the truth is like we know a lot of our presidents have worked out and a lot of people have worked out so it’s finding those ways and a lot of it is like what you carry on the road which so I have some snacks here like carry little containers of tomatoes because they don’t uh you know in the clam shell because they don’t need to be refrigerated and honestly I sometimes take a little container of salt with it or one of those salt packets or they often have the salt packets on board and then things like nuts in these pre-packaged containers is the key because again if it’s a whole thing I’m not I admit it I’ll eat the whole thing of nuts and then I love these olives it’s only 60 calories a pack if you’re craving the salty it’s you know 60 calories and good brain health helps you it’s not going to keep you up at night like charbs will and then dried fruit although with the dried fruit like watch that because you don’t want to eat too much right so that was so amazing we covered everything from your new book what’s the title again the land of secret superpowers vegetables I love it to games that we can play with our kids too tips for traveling boss bodies two just things we can do as adults so thank you so much for being on the show thank you so much for having me all right after the break you need to stay tuned because we are going to give crying babies and especially their caregivers something to smile about if you want to find out more about what I’m talking about stick around [Music] our next guest is Abilene deroche she’s the founder and CEO of a company called capella this fascinating AI company brings all caregivers peace of mind but get this translating the meaning of their baby’s cries and I need to know more immediately so welcome to liftoff Abilene thank you so much for having me okay I need to know right now how did you get inspired to start a company that translates baby’s cries it was actually a long journey so I’ve always been very interested in technology I’ve always been very interested in sound and I wanted to use AI to do something good to support people Empower people and I feel like we have ai in all different parts of our lives today we have tons of Technology but parenting was still kind of done using 20th century methods and I wanted to change that um so that’s how I started it talked to a lot of parents identified what they need help with and came across this amazing technology that had been you know there had been a ton of researchers academics working on it for years and so I thought let’s try to make a company out of it and we’re building also other types of Technology but this is the first I’m sure parents and grandparents are dying to know who you are already partnering with or looking to partner with so they can start making their plans yeah exactly so we don’t want to build any baby monitor or anything like that where a software only company and so we’re looking to partner with these companies that have baby monitors or any type of Hardware that is in your home and they can pick up a baby’s cry and then run analysis and give you personalized insights and then there’s also a way to have it on your Alexa your Google Nest so we’re also working on that um so that you know it can be on any device you have basically such an incredible concept and I know when we were doing research on the hottest new and up and coming Technologies we came across years and we were blown away by it and I know that you have a very kind of aggressive product pipeline in the works as well so you’re working on the baby AI but what else are you working on so the baby is really kind of the first place we’re starting but the vision of capella is to do AI for sound more broadly because because we’re all passionate about sound and we’re passionate about you know helping people making the world a more easy and manageable kind of place and so we’re working on other Technologies for new parents for example sound generation and things like that to help them interact with their babies bond with their babies better have peace of mind when they leave the baby with caregivers nannies Etc but then we’re also looking and working on expanding into more markets and this you know can be a lot of different things it can be pets it can be industry Factory just anything where we can get insights from listening basically or um or dealing with sound data um is what we’re working on I love it and a big thing that we believe in at liftoff is helping the next generation of Executives especially women Executives and on our last episode we talked about that and how to connect them so if people want to connect with you and help your business get off the ground and get this technology out into Market faster how should they get in touch with you so you can find me absolutely anywhere um LinkedIn emailing um you we have a website where you can also reach out to us on the website on the capella website um so yeah I’d say the easiest is probably at Neil nicked in or find me on Twitter or Instagram any social media fantastic well we’re going to be keeping an eye on this it’s amazing work thank you so much Abilene for joining us thank you so so much for having me all right don’t go away because when we come back we’re gonna show every single one of you out there how to be a great caregiver when those babies stop crying and grow up let you help understand the unspoken word as we teach you how to read their body language I am so looking forward to this [Music] our next guest is body language and communication experts and author Jess Ponce here to tell us about how body language impacts our perception of Pop Culture events welcome Jazz thank you very much for having me I’m excited and you know you hit on one of the Key signs that we all read in people and that is whether or not they’re closing their body off now when people listen sometimes they’re relaxed and that’s kind of okay you just have to see whether or not they move and you can also look at their eyes body language is more than just positioning it’s context it’s environment and it’s also tone because we communicate with More Than Just Words that is so fascinating tell me how how did you get into this and become a body language expert did you always have intuition about people or what drove you here well that’s a really good question and I think on some level I’ve been a student of communication my entire life and part of that really goes back to when I I was a child because I had a really pronounced lisp and I still have it but what I had to do is I had to use other parts of my body so that I felt like I was understood and I worked in television I worked with host and I coach people how to do either presentations or how to do interviews and so uh through all this course of action and uh going to various schools and being certified as a coach I’ve really focused on that I love it I love it now I know you’re going to talk to us about celebrities and body language and the cues we can take but I gotta think that you can use body language signals when you’re at work right yes absolutely and so what is really interesting is that as people are going back to the office are being requested to be there three or five days a week we’re very different now in person than pre-pandemic right because we have to fight against the Instinct of what it was like to be in front of a computer in front of a screen because everybody was multitasking at the same time we also had to learn to focus right because we had kids and cats and dogs and spouses in the background so we have this sort of dual thing happening where we cannot multitask and yet we’ve learned how to be focused but not for very long that’s really interesting you see high-profile people trying to master their body language who’ve never really expressed themselves authentically you know Prince Harry Britney Spears why are they trying now to be more authentic and to relate more to the audience and are they ready to show their authentic selves well what’s really interesting is that you have people who’ve been in front of the spotlight their entire lives and the instance of Prince Harry it was a formal sort of behavior that he had to inhibit with other celebrities Brittany it was also sort of controlled on some level as we have learned right that you are a performer I think when it talk when we talk about authenticity we need to look at the other side of their personality okay when we go back to Childhood the way we behaved in front of our parents was very different than the way we behaved in front of our friends or the way that we behaved in front of teachers now all of those people are still you but who is you in the relaxed state so the reason I believe that we are becoming more and more relaxed is because of social media so when I first started working in television and entertainment everything had to be polished everything had to be professional we were relaying information the thing that we were not doing is connecting with the audience and when you look at Tick Tock and you look at Instagram and all of these other things if you mess up it’s no big deal suddenly I’m going like oh he or she is more real right we don’t want people to be over polished so I think that trickles back up to celebrities who are creatures of Pop Culture so when you take the authenticity into the workplace because liftoff is all about the reality that you’ve got a work life blend everything’s kind of Blended today what would be the one piece of advice you would give somebody who was interviewing for a job with body language is it eye contact and not moving away from non-established frame or is there something else that somebody should do I think I think the number one thing that a person should do is engage and the verbal and non-verbal work together so an example would be are you sort of leaning in are you looking at the individual so it’s not just about eye contact it’s about how you have eye contact right because I um I grew up around nuns and they’re famous for knowing you know to have very you know direct eye contact but it’s is there a smile is there a gleam is there something that says hey I’m comfortable with you ask whatever you’d like and also your words how are you engaging that individual are you asking them questions are you showing interest it’s not just about a ping pong ball going back and forth now what’s one thing that people should absolutely avoid crossing your hands probably not maybe I don’t know I think the one thing that people should really avoid is having papers in front of them or something that’s going to distract from actually doing the interview what we want to do is we want our body to be free we want to be able to express with our hands we want to be able to even be that moment where we’re looking away from an individual so that we can connect back with them but if you’re sitting there and you’ve got something and it could be your hands or you’ve got a piece of paper in front of you or you’re holding a mug you’re actually giving your energy to this item you’re not giving the energy to the other person I never thought about that yeah yeah this is fascinating yes we could talk for hours about this and I’m probably going to write down a whole bunch of questions and get in touch with you and ask you more but thank you so much thank you for having me it’s such a pleasure this was so helpful all right I loved that didn’t you now don’t go running away you might slip and fall sorry bad dad joke but seriously if your back has ever been sore Dr Ken hansara is coming up next to share his latest tips and insights with all of us and everybody was just in the Green Room doing back exercises so you’re gonna love this foreign welcome back to liftoff Ken hansraj MD author of watch your back which I read on the treadmill no joke is a spinal and orthopedic surgeon Dr Ken has appeared on CNN CBS FOX NBC ABC NPR and now we are so fortunate to have him here on liftoff welcome Dr Ken thank you Genie thank you it’s nice to be with you now I have to tell the audience that before you came on set we were all in the green room and you just were surrounded by everybody here doing back exercises and getting advice so I know that this is going to be a very interesting conversation for all of our viewers and you are most well known right now for your work on Tex neck which I’m sure we could all guess what that is but tell us a little bit more about it because I know I have it so Tech snack we did a study uh where when your head is straight up it weighs 10 pounds and as you lean forward incrementally it’s deserts more and more forces to 60 degrees 60 pounds and this is a problem that’s affecting younger and younger people more and more what is your recommendation for how we prevent this as adults or with our kids and how do you combat Tex Mex combating text next so I love technology I love the fact that I can text all my friends all over the world and say I love my coffee with Genie like that immediately so to combat I say Keep Your Head Up watch where your head is at all times open up your shoulders which is proper posture and hold your phone in front of you you have eyes so you can look down right you don’t need to do this so just head up shoulders back phone in front of you as you’re talking I’m sitting straighter up just so that I can make sure that I’m focused on that as well and I think that’s great advice but you’re also a principal author of a keen medical study around belly fat forces on the spine too also very interesting and that was released this year so tell the audience more about that so we followed the Dallas heart study they did a study where they calculated the masses of belly fat in thousands of people and we collaborated with them and we converted the masses to forces so now we have an algorithm in our in my new book watch your back you could see it which is if your waist is 30 inches if your voice circumference 30 you may have maybe 36 pounds of force to your spine 50 75 pounds and things like that so we can tell you how many pounds of force you have on your spine based on your waist circumference well first time ever yeah and we went over nine strategies in my book watch your back and so then uh certainly deep belly breathing is amazing so when you breathe deeply you’re moving the spinal nerves and the spinal Channel and our third biggest uh strategy is move always move move your neck move your shoulders move your lower back move your hips move your knees constantly move and so you touched on our topic of Fashion on the spine so you need to be aware that if you’re wearing if you’re uh if you’re in high heels all day or if you’re if you’re wearing tight jeans or skinny jeans or or the pencil skirts or restrictive clothing you’re more than likely going to develop back pain and a lot of people that carry these heavy purses and then they wonder why they have neck pain right and they’re heavy necklaces just pull you down into poor posture yeah that’s so true and I’ve had those pains before and now I know what they came from this was such great advice for everybody watching the show I really appreciate you coming on Dr Ken thanks so much thank you so much that was so much delicious inspiring and educational fun today don’t you agree I am so thrilled and grateful that you’ve taken this journey with us I really hope that you found our guests exciting and share the information that you’ve learned to help improve your own or someone that you know is personal or professional life but you know what we’re just getting started we’ve lined up even more great episodes for you this season with guests covering topics on all those areas you wished you knew about stay tuned for the best content it’s going to talk about how you can build your own personal or professional brand build a business what the hottest technology is mental Wellness strategies Healthy Living lifestyle financial success and more there’s so much don’t forget to follow us on social media at liftoff TV show or liftoff with Jeannie Walden because we’ve got great tips and resources there for you that get updated all the time I’m Jeannie Weldon see you next time the proceeding was sponsored by liftoff Enterprises LLC

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