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Above Deck on Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden: Season 1, Episode 12

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Hey everyone we’re back with another great episode of liftoff with Jamie Weldon and here at liftoff we are champions of women and as the captain of this ship I strive to highlight them as much as possible.

Captain Sandy on is a world-renowned captain in the yachting industry with over 30 years experience. Sandy’s love for the ocean propelled her to achieve the highest status as a mega yacht captain in a male-dominated industry; you go girl; you may recognize her from the hit Bravo series below deck. Captain Sandy my husband and I tuned into every single episode of below deck that you were on we are such huge fans you probably heard us screaming at the screen and in some cases just really putting our arms up and cheering you on. I love the title of your latest book be the calm or be the storm, tell everybody that’s tuning in what inspired you to write this book. The fans of the show like I was a yacht Captain working in the maritime industry having an incredible you know time in my life working in a incredible industry that is very lucrative in many ways right. And um social right because we we learn social skills if you don’t have them you need them to work in this industry. Secondly we we learn how to serve and you need to be I don’t care what industry you’re in service is always a part of any industry even as a CEO of a corporation and it was all those different experiences and to remain teachable to learn how to drive a boat run a crew keep them engaged and also serve as a captain. And when you combine all that together people are like she’s a great leader was trying to figure out how to do this and and then I finally figured it out it’s all about people. In your book you discuss getting sober at 25 and the inner work you needed to put in speak to us about that because I think that’s such an important message. Yeah, so I was that kid I just had well today they’re called influencers back then we called it peer pressure uh and I was peer pressured influenced into trying something and uh you know alcohol was my drug of choice. Uh for many people it’s not that for them, for me unfortunately addiction runs in my family and then I started smoking a lot of pot and I couldn’t stop the pot and made me thirsty. I it was like a merry-go-round right so and I kept getting into trouble no one trusted me rightfully so and now I live a life beyond my wildest dreams and that journey is in my book and it’s to inspire people and also to educate CEOs that you don’t give up on people. You invest in them and when you invest in them the return on that is tenfold. Captain Sandy thank you so much for joining us it is a pleasure and an honor we’ll be right back!

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Welcome back; Craig Siegel is a value-based and high energy Global keynote speaker and Rising thought leader featured an entrepreneur. He’s endorsed by some of the world’s most well-known celebrities athletes and entrepreneurs Craig joins us now to talk about one of my personal favorite subjects, reinvention. Craig welcome to liftoff thank you so much for having me there’s literally no place in the world I’d rather be. Let’s have some fun? All right let’s do it! See you are going to jump on the chair up and down we don’t know what’s going to happen when we’re having this conversation. So so okay talk about reinvention how do you define reinvention and why is it important yeah it’s such a good question. So one of the things that I want to come across right now to the world is defining what reinvent. I want to reinvent the word reinvention and I don’t think it’s starting over I think it’s what is that one thing that we have deep inside that we’ve been denying. The one thing that we’ve been putting off that we’re dying to do and that’s when I want to help people lean into because just to be clear we should absolutely have it all in life. The career to die for, the relationships, the wealth all of it and I know a lot of people right now are struggling and underachieving. I know that because that was me and I want to show everybody that reinvention is ready when you are. So you’re not just passionate about this you’re so passionate about it you wrote a book called the reinvention formula. What inspired you to write it all down and share it with other people? Yeah so in a nutshell prior to the pandemic I had spent 13 years on Wall Street and I was making money and at that season of life I consider that to be successful and just to be clear making money is absolutely a part of success but it’s a part of success I wasn’t really fulfilled and I found myself in a little bit of a dark season. And then I started running a bunch of marathons I never been a runner in fact you couldn’t pay me to run now ironically I’m paying two more marathons. But I started to find myself and get confidence again and then the pandemic happened and for the first time I left I just got quiet and I took a second to really reassess if not now then when. It occurred to me in that moment this is more than just a passion this is my assignment and I put together a whole vision and I started my CLS personal brand and one of the things on my vision board was to write a book and it’s everything I know to be true about myself and the world right now. And look love me or hear me I know hard to believe that it won’t hate me one thing you couldn’t deny is I totally reinvented myself and when I started every speaking engagement I usually say to people how many of you think that you’re here for something much bigger than you’re currently settling for. And usually everybody raised their hand and that was me for 35 years so I wrote the reinvention formula to show people not only is reinvention ready you’re never too old it’s never too late. But how and it’s all the tips that I’ve used and learned over the years in one vessel. That’s really interesting and you said something at the very beginning of this discussion about when the pandemic hit you became quiet and you had a chance to think and that really is something that people overlook. Just having that quiet moment to create a mindset and have a good mindset. Why do you think it’s important for someone to have a good mindset when they’re struggling? Yeah I think mind is everything, its mindset will separate the best from the rest and when you get really quiet and for all your listeners I suggest have a practice whether it’s wanting meditation prayer whatever is good for you but mindfulness is the portal to expansion because when you’re quiet you could really connect that’s when the downloads come. So everybody should be really intentional and strategic with their mindset and one tangible way for your listeners to do that is just be super intentional with your thoughts. And if you’re not liking the feedback you’re getting from the universe just understand thoughts are not facts and you can actually choose a more empowering thought which will create more powerful beliefs. Obviously actions and then results so mindset is everything and a lot of people don’t realize that they have a choice they could be intentional with the positive thoughts they allow to take up real estate inside their mind. Such great advice so I hope everyone listening and everyone watching takes everything you said to heart and I really appreciate you being on the show Craig. Thank you so much for having me. All right everybody we’ll be back with more after the break. 

Thank you – a global entrepreneur philanthropist intelligent Beauty contributor here on liftoff. Welcome back Francis, thank you so much great to be back with you. Francis you know I love speaking with you and the first time we spoke I was so moved by something that you brought up about the beauty industry. Tell everybody who’s watching how Beauty moves the entire world forward and the role that it plays in just making humanity better. Absolutely you see Beauty has always been and continues to be at the center of our life. I believe today we need Beauty more than ever before. In this very challenging ever-changing time that we are living we need to turn our life to Beauty to connect with each other with ourself to celebrate ourselves for who we are and and be proud of who we are. Be acknowledged by Beautician and by the word of beauty I honestly believe Beauty has the highest obligation and responsibility as well as opportunity to meet the humans of today and uplift them into the future and help them Inspire them. Empower them I see beautician as a force for positive change into the wood and I honestly believe that beauty platform is the best platform to serve Humanity after all we are called the beauty right so everything we do and we say needs to be beautiful and positive and we need that today more than any other time. Such a powerful statement so true and you’d mentioned previously people will choose to go to their beautician their Salon their Spa over going to the doctor because it makes them feel better and if the beauty industry is helping us feel better and they feel better about themselves then it just pays It forward. Absolutely so if you’re in the beauty industry and you want to get involved with your program what do you do to take the first step? Honestly I would suggest that you go to our website you learn all about the different programs the scholarship opportunity the support the beauty of this program and what it can do for you. That would be my first suggestion. Well I know a lot of people that I’m going to tell to go to your website right away and Francis thank you so much for always lifting our spirits and giving us hope for the future. Thank you so much, wonderful to be with you again. Absolutely and for everyone who’s listening I know you are inspired but stay tuned we’ve got a lot more for you.

Our next guest here on liftoff is a true inspiration: Dr Merrell tangest doll is a retired Colonel who is the first and only African-American woman to fly the United States Air Force’s U2 spy plane used for specialized high altitude reconnaissance missions. Dr tangestal is a military veteran Aviator and Commander who served in both the U.S Navy and the U.S Air Force she had also served in the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan. Colonel thank you for being here and absolutely thank you for your service. Oh thank you so much it’s a pleasure being here thank you for having me. Absolutely and I have to say it is women like you who Inspire my daughter Kristina who has commissioned into the army and she’s currently at the Citadel but right now she’s in Fort Knox and uh out somewhere we don’t know where she is. She has no phone or communications but I’m sure she’s getting her navigation and everything else down to the T for when she graduates so thank you for inspiring. That’s awesome in the future yeah I’m sure you’re extremely proud although the Army uh you know [Laughter]. I know I know I know I know her first choice I believe was the Air Force but her eyesight she hasn’t had Lasik yet so but when she finds out that you’ve flown those spy planes I’m sure she’s gonna really really wish she was here for this conversation. So you inspire so many people but what inspired your military career and what has life as a woman in the military been like what inspired me is that I always want to be an astronaut I watched a lot of Star Trek so I decided one day at seven I was going to become an astronaut. And I knew part of that Journey was to be a pilot uh commercial or military and I picked militaries I got older because quite frankly going the commercial route was a little expensive and so I joined the name because I most astronauts at that time were Naval aviators. So um that’s how it started. I love that and what is it like I have to ask you because as the mom of someone who keeps telling me she wants to be commissioned and go to the front lines of the toughest places and I just cross my fingers and say a prayer that she’s going to be safe, what’s it like when you leave your family for a mission. You know it’s it you have this sense of doing something with a higher purpose so you know leaving your family something that is very it’s short-term it’s transitory and you know that you’re doing something for the greater good. You know um you know fighting for freedoms that we have here um you know America is a great country we have a lot of flaws we are working on a lot of things. But this is a country to be at a lot of people are still coming in here so um sometimes we have to fight for those freedoms and take it abroad to the enemy we don’t want that fight on our own soil so for those people who feel that calling you know I applaud you and uh to leave your family something hard to do but we do it and we make that sacrifice. We know that’s part of the job and and we take it seriously and we know we’ll be back with our family uh sooner rather than later how do you strive to make sure that with all of your military accomplishments and all of your career accomplishments that you’re also balancing family and just everyday living. Yeah I’m not sure if it’s really a balance um a lot of people say it’s Controlled Chaos my husband-in-law my husband and I like to use the term chaos control. Um there’s a small difference you know one is more proactive than reactive so my husband and I you know we have to prioritize um one week something may be more important in the next week. For example me doing an interview today if the kids have to go to camp in the morning my husband will stay home from work to take him to Camp so I could do my interview. And in order to be able to do that we have to have very good communication um and we have to be flexible in how we shift priorities around and we have to make sure everyone’s on board from our kids to each other to our workplaces and they understand that once once they understand that then it’s easy to kind of manage but there’s always chaos. It’s just the chaos control part you just got to control that and be ahead of it and manage it so I mean we make sure our schedules are in sync weekly. I know the feeling my husband and I do that too with our blended family of five children and I know they’ve recently written a book what were your favorite parts of the book and what do you want our readers and viewers to learn from it. I think my favorite part of the book overall is that a girl from the Bronx at seven years old had this idea and really had no you know figures to look up to no one looked like me as an astronaut but I still use the characters of Star Trek to kind of pave this, this road for me though travel on and in doing so man I’ve had this amazing adventure um I got to fly for the Navy, I got to fly to the Air Force, I got to fly um the Air Force is U2 spy plane and be the first only black woman to fly it. I’ve afterwards I’ve gotten to be on a reality show tough as Nails I’ve gotten to be a mom so in this in my search to become an astronaut. I’ve done so much more now did I fly at high altitude, yes did I become technically an astronaut no, that’s like the cherry on top but the the journey I’ve traveled has been amazing. So what I love about my book is that I share that with people to let you know like if you have a goal inside go in that journey to get to that goal and even if you don’t make it you just have this beautiful life that you’ve lived and you’re able to bring that forward and Inspire others. That’s so insightful and we call it always choosing the adventure path path in our household so really great advice, thank you so much Colonel for being on the show and for continuing to inspire us oh thank you. Thank you so much all right everybody stay tuned we’ll be right back. 

Welcome back; here at liftoff one of our goals is to help you increase your wealth of knowledge and your actual wealth asset trading contributor Jared Preston is back with us welcome Jared. Thank you Genie; all right Jared you know we’re in uncertain times we talk about this all the time, everyone is talking crypto versus gold so what do you recommend. It’s a big conversation right I’m not sure that it has to be one or the other I think that everyone’s situation is different but my in my world obviously I’m not a financial advisor but in the asset trading world my clients are constantly looking at crypto and physical assets crypto and gold is two totally separate things. But each with a beneficial outcome, crypto is an exciting asset class has a lot of volatility has a lot of growth opportunity. Gold not so exciting right it doesn’t maybe create the income that that other asset classes can but gold creates wealth. Goal creates stability goal creates confidence so I don’t think it’s either or I think maybe both for a lot of people. For people to create a strong financial plan that will stand the test of time what would you recommend? You know again what I can tell you there are savviest clients are doing is focusing number one on security and when I say security over a long-term plan. Security in their financial planning that will handle multiple Financial Cycles geopolitical risk geographical risk all those things are coming into our world over a 10 20 30 year period. So focus on Security First they’re focusing on growth second after security and preservation and by growth that’s income growth that’s asset value growth. And third it’s very important the exit strategy how do you get out when the time comes that you’re done like we talk about right so these are the three things you need to keep in mind and everybody’s situation is different everyone’s conditions are different; their goals are different; their risk tolerance are different. But always start with security, are you secure in your situation right now. How do you preserve that security and that ability to stay focused on the long-term plan because if you lose that security you can’t stay focused to finish the plan right. So Security First growth second exit strategy always keep it top of Mind. smart smart; so we’ve talked about this outside of the TV show set but at what age do you think a parent should start working with their child to help them learn about investing? Well I’ve been talking to my children about values and assets since they were probably three and four years old right so I don’t think you can ever start too early to help people understand value investing so you know get in make it a normal part of conversation that’s one of the biggest challenges we have in our our society sometimes is it’s a separate category of conversation in my household we talk about it like you talk about any subject right I think it’s good to start early as early as you can great start early build security diversification don’t be afraid to get out all these don’t forget about the exit strategy don’t forget about the eggs Australian. Jared you always have such great insights and information can’t wait to see what you have to say next for everybody else stay tuned we’re going to bring you a diversified set of guests. 

Welcome back our next guest is perhaps best known as the lead singer of you know it I know it we’re all going to sing later the 80s sensation Twisted Sister but there is so much more to D Snyder besides his hit songwriting credits D has been on Broadway reality TV and co-created a new children’s animated series and he released his very first fiction novel D we’re so excited to have you on liftoff I am glad to be here and yeah it’s always people who thought probably best known it’s very hard I’m not that I’m trying to live down my past but it’s very hard to overshadow that crazy makeup and hair of the 80s uh and I’m here to say it was a good time I can only imagine how much fun you had and I don’t think we have enough time to go into all of that but I’m wondering if in your latest book Frets you can tell us a little bit about it and why you decided to write it well I’ve been writing for quite a while now screenplay stage plays articles short stories and I decided that it was time to try well covet hit and I said this is a good time to write a novel uh so I started working on it back then and the subject matter was always sort of near and dear to me I grew up in uh Baldwin Long Island in a an environment where there were these gangs they were called fraternities High School fraternities but they were gangs with Greek letters and it was sort of the way of my world and you just grew up knowing how to avoid this dangerous potentially dangerous situation with these gangs I assume that everybody’s high school was like that and when I traveled I found out that nobody’s high school was like that it was my high school and so I decided to tell the story so Coming of Age story of growing up in that environment it’s based on actual events but the fictionalized character he enters this world he’s transferred in from another state in his senior year of high school not knowing the lay of the land and the first day of school crosses the wrong people and it changes your life for his life forever that’s a pretty interesting storyline for a book a movie a play there’s so much more but let’s talk about critics for this book because I know you’re in that really interesting position where your son Cody is a writer how is Cody thinking about your book biggest critic is he a fan well all my my sons are all writers I have three sons one’s a comic book writer one is uh just a writer he works with Cody and and co-writes with Cody and the other one’s a director Cody’s a director writer um and I’ve raised very wise very smart children and I had them vet my book they were the first people to read my book and give me their notes so um it was actually Cody though who I wish I’ve been running screenplays for years and I’ve had some produced I’ve sold some and I was originally thinking of writing a screenplay for this and he said this is a great story it’d be richer in a novel why don’t you you know why don’t you try your hand so he encouraged me to write the novel and now I hope somebody picks it up and makes a movie out of it it sounds like a very cool novel and I love the fact that all three of your sons were involved with it because one of the things we talk about on this show is yes you can build an extremely successful career you can be a celebrity you can be an entrepreneur you can just do anything that you want but you also have a life outside of the work that you do and how you create your work life blend is what really matters and the family that you keep and being married to your wife for 47 years having three boys how have you blended it all together over the years to make sure that it just works for everyone my wife’s name is Suzette and we also have a daughter my youngest is daughter shy you know I really gotta love so much credit to Suzette uh for you know uh she always set me straight she’s a tough Brooklyn mob princess she doesn’t put up with anything from me and you know I would you know I would roll into the house after a tour of me I am a God and she’d go clean empty out the diaper pail and I go what I’m a God yeah empty out the diaper pill okay and immediately I was brought down to earth and like okay you’re home we got babies the type of pail stinks then somebody has to empty it but her thing was always leave your cool at the door I know when we were chatting on Twitter that I that I warned you that my husband asked me to do a 1980s hair flip and you actually said go for it so I’m doing it in a chair so I do feel a little bit like iron Karen Flashdance crazy one okay I’ll do it I did a very little one and when I was in Washington you know what asked me if my fan club was because it has a profanity in the name if it was a Christian organization and I said senator Christianity and profanity have nothing to do with each other and I went like this thank you and I did one hand I went and I threw it over the shoulder that’s the one hand flip you know there’s not to be a whole thing you just there’s multiple things yeah you can do the one you could do a toss you know with a lot of variations there there are a lot of variations this could be the most important part of this entire show right now is the multiple variations of hair flip so there’s the one there’s the two there’s this one oh that’s how you met your husband there you go there you go D it was so much fun and so great to have you on the show thank you so much for being on lift up thanks a lot it’s a pleasure to be on thank you we will be right back. 

It’s that time of the show where we bring somebody that was in the guest audience onto the set so that we can have a couple conversations with them and today I’m thrilled to have one of my friends Molly Twining Molly welcome to lift dog thank you so much for having me here Jeannie I’m thrilled to be here I’m so excited to have you on the show and extra bonus you got to get your makeup done I sure did and that’s always a good I feel like a movie star right now it’s fantastic so tell everybody that’s watching what did you love most about being a guest watching the show being taped it was all fantastic it made it completely real and um singing a Twisted Sister here was fantastic lots of fun and lots of laughs here as well well thank you so much for being a guest it was great having you in the audience and I hope you come back I sure will thanks for having me it was pleasure yes all right everybody that’s it for us today on liftoff thanks so much for watching you can follow us on social for more tips content and behind the scenes we’ll see you next time!!

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Jeanniey Walden is a business expert, author, keynote speaker, award-winning marketing leader, and the host of the nationally broadcasted TV show and podcast LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden. Jeanniey was recently chosen to receive the Empowered Woman of the Year Award for 2023, given by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). Her exemplary role as a female professional and inclusive leader displays her influence, capability, and proficiency.

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