Jeanniey Walden, Founder and CEO Liftoff Enterprises

Jeanniey Walden is the Founder and CEO of Liftoff Enterprises. She is an award winning, internationally recognized marketing executive and proven work-life advocate. Her decades of business experience catapulted her from teacher to entrepreneur, to start-up and Fortune 500 marketing executive positioning her firmly as a workplace expert. She attributes her success to living her life by AIR, Authentic, Inspirational and Relatable interactions. 

Combined with her active lifestyle, blended family of 5 children and love of adventure, Jeanniey epitomizes work-life blend. She shares her expertise in multiple forums and media outlets, Jeanniey is frequently featured on Forbes, Yahoo! Business Insider, and more with the intent to inspire business and workers alike to seek out the highest quality of professional and personal success.

As the founder of Liftoff Enterprises, Jeanniey has created a media enterprise intended to connect with people in the mode most comfortable to them from her TV show Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden, her podcast, Liftoff Journeys, her website and her consulting business, Liftoff Impact.

Jeanniey’s prior experience includes executive roles at DailyPay, Mercer, Barnes & Noble, Ogilvy, JCPenney and Zinio. Jeanniey is currently serving as the interim SVP of Marketing for Rite Aid.