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Moonbikes Make Winter Sports Affordable and Fun (and possibly …Addictive)


Moonbikes make winter sports affordable for everyone. Fun. Light. Eco-friendly. And, at CES, we even tried the virtual experience that made winter fun available on-demand!

Moonbikes make winter sports affordable and fun. They are the craze of all winter sports fans in Europe and the US. If you attended CES2023 in Las Vegas this year, you were able to easily identify the hottest companies based on the lines and crowds around their booth. That is what we experienced when we attempted to get close enough to the exciting new Moonbikes, but we finally made it to the front. When we did, the entire LiftOff Enterprises team had a blast!

What are Moonbikes?

Simply put, Moonbikes makes snow fun! By giving you more options to enjoy winter sports, Moonbikes have an added value. They are also good for the environment. Easy to ride, these all-electric snowmobiles can last up-to 3 hours, with the power-pack option. They are 100% silent, 3 times lighter than your typical snowmobile (which makes them super easy to transport), and get up to 26MPH. That’s no joke in for some outdoor winter fun.

Starting at $8,900, around half the price of traditional gas powered snow mobiles, these bikes give you the flexibility to have create your own adventure by yourself, or at a number of Moonbikes parks through the US (and Europe).

Moonbikes parks in the US

What was the Inspiration for Moonbikes?

After carefully looking at every aspect of this sleek, light and powerful bike, we decided to learn more about where the idea for Moonbikes originated. We were in luck! Both Nico, the founder of Moonbikes, and Jason Bonser, head of US Operations, were able to spend some time with us. We were excited to hear more about what inspired him to create Moonbikes. We were impressed with the way Nico identified both a problem and opportunity for winter sports. Check out this video to hear more of the Moonbikes story.

With a few months of winter weather left, there is no reason you should continue reading this blog. Instead, you should be out having some fun in the snow and enjoying a great ride on Moonbikes

Report back if you do. We’d love to hear about your adventure.

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