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3D technology without the glasses! It’s real.

3D technology Images from the Leia Inc. site

3D technology without the glasses has arrived. The Consumer Electronics show came to town last week. And, it promised to showcase some of the most compelling and mind-blowing technology you have ever seen. It did not disappoint. Unlike the prior two years of CES, fear of Covid had fallen to a low level and vendors and spectators were out in full force. 13 miles of walking (in high heeled boots) was not an issue for me. I had a mission.

What I found

I was going to experience the award winning 3D technology. One that allows viewers to ditch the paper or plastic glasses required today and enjoy 3D with just a screen. It was unreal! Brought to life by a company called Leia Inc this is something you have to see to believe.

Leia Inc. has been named a four-time CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for Computer Hardware & Components; Computer Peripherals and Accessories; Embedded Technologies; and Gaming.

What they have created is an entire suite of technology. It allows everyone from the gamer, developer and the every-day average person with a phone to enjoy 3D content. You can even upload your photos from your phone and have them converted into 3D within seconds. Apps, SDK’s and other solutions can be explored on their website.

It’s insane!

While I could fawn on about how impressive and fun this technology was, the best way to share it is by sharing this interview. Meet Leia founder Dr. David Fattal. He does a much better job than me of explaining what, why and how 3D never needs glasses again. This technology is clearly helping us create “A Better Way” to enjoy movies, games and so many other types of media (including a 3D dashboard in our car).

You will have to check it out here, because sadly, after all of the buzz and press, these monitors are temporarily out of stock.

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