The 2023 Global Achievers Excellence Awards, brought to you by Liftoff Enterprises.

The awards category for experts who inspire and drive success opens for entries on July 1, 2023.

The Global Achievers Excellence Awards offer a unique opportunity for individuals to be recognized and celebrated for their outstanding achievements, leadership and inspiration. Brought to you by Liftoff Enterprises and the producers of the nationally syndicated daytime TV show, (also streamed globally) Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden, and the global podcast, “Liftoff Journeys” this award recognizes those demonstrated leaders who take the time to create and deliver change for so many, on personal and professional levels.

Entrants will be evaluated based on the material presented in their entry form, showcasing their ability to create positive change on a local, regional, national or global basis.


The 2023 Global Achievers Excellence Award is open to any professional leading or working for an established and currently active entity.

Award Criteria

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Value Creation
  • Demonstrated impact of success

Assessment Process

The 2023 Global Achievers Excellence Award assessment process provides consistency and rigor to the judging process.

Entries are assessed in two stages:

  1. The Award Team Program Managers will review all submissions and select a shortlist of finalists;
  2. An independent and impartial panel of judges who have all demonstrated proven success and leadership in their careers will review all finalists and select the winners.

Each entry is assessed against how well the submission meets the criteria by a rating of either Excellent, Good, Fair, Limited or Weak. Entrants who rate as Excellent in all three of the submission criteria will be awarded as  2023 Global Achievers Excellence Award

Our expert judges are a pivotal part of running tThe 2023 Global Achievers Excellence Award They provide credibility to our assessment process, bringing years of private equity expertise and experience to their decisions.

Our judges are highly respected Executives within the business community, recognized for their character, industry achievement and influence.

Please note that a judge will abstain from voting in a particular entrant where there may be a conflict of interest.


The Award Winners will be notified personally via email and presented on the Liftoff Enterprises website, as well as mentioned in a press release and other social media channels, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and LinkedIn. The 2023 Global Achievers Excellence Award will be